Service Animal / ADA Policy

Service Animal / ADA Policy

NO ANIMALS – This is an “Allergy/Asthma Friendly” Building

NO Service Animals / ESA / Pets —

Karate, Afterschool or Summer Day Camp

Service Animals

Although the ADA protects a service animal in almost all public accommodations (such as, but not limited to, restaurants, public transportation, hotels, entertainment venues, homeless shelters, gyms, parks and libraries), they may be excluded in certain circumstances such as a Karate School because:

  • the presence of service animals can change the fundamental nature of a business or be dangerous for people who are receiving services” Our programs involve group running, moving around, activities, is in a very confined space and the presence of animals presents a very significant distraction, obstacle, trip hazard and other potential dangers to itself and others.
  • A service animal must be under the control of its handler at all times.” Students CANNOT control their service animal while performing much of the karate or other programs.
  • To enjoy legal protections, the dog must be in the immediate custody of its owner at all times. for reasons stated above, a service animal CANNOT be in the immediate custody of the student during much of the karate or other programs. (As others are not permitted to stay in the building to watch students, they cannot have the service animal either. Nor is that a legal ADA option).
  • (future consideration) Pkarate is an allergy and an asthma friendly space. Allergies and asthma are a developing area ADA wise; with the above-described constant group movement & activities & interactions within confined space, we have no way to provide safe separation between service animals and those with respiratory disabilities. This for example might be a requirement under “504 plans” (as applied Asthma or severe allergies) – currently applied to public schools. When it is better defined, we plan to incorporate this into our school ADA policies more clearly.


Therefore service animals are NOT allowed in karate, after school program or summer day camp programs. If you try to bring them, they will be ejected from the building immediately. By signing up for any program you have already agreed to this and waive any claim or complaint of any kind. We are working precisely within the Ada guidelines laws and boundaries.

Practically every service animal we have seen is fake. We are trained to recognize them. Bad people take advantage of laws to help the disabled just to drag their mutt along. This is a crime in many jurisdictions; you and your fake service animals are not welcome here and may be reported to the authorities!!!

Emotional/  Support/ Comfort/ Companion/ Therapy Animals

ARE NOT allowed in our building for any reason at any time. Legally these animals have NO RIGHTS outside of a rental residence or some transportation modes. We are an allergy and asthma friendly building. If you attempt to bring them in, your animal will be blocked or ejected immediately.


Pets are not allowed inside our building for any reason at any time. We are an allergy and asthma friendly building. If you attempt to bring them in, your animal will be blocked or ejected immediately.


Although the building has a ramp, it is an old design, having width issues, and enters the building into a closet! Building limitations prevent updates or alterations.  It is what it is. Note that:

  • The entrance is always locked, and is not self service.
  • It is for wheelchairs ONLY.
  • Pkarate staff only can provide access to the ramp.
  • It is available ONLY to paid students involved in PKARATE programs (not shoppers or visitors).
  • You are only permitted one entrance and one exit daily.
  • Your wheelchair must EASILY fit through the entrance.
  • For insurance reasons, we cannot physically assist or lift you in any way.
  • To enter: 1) we must be notified 24 hours ahead of time 2) it must be shortly before a scheduled activity/program/activity/event 3) we must be available and notified you are ready and 4) you must be in your wheelchair UP NEAR THE TOP OF THE RAMP, ready for us to let you in.
  • There is no guarantee the handicap ramp will continue to be available in the future.
  • It is generally not available DURING/AFTER classes/programs/similar when it might be disruptive to scheduled programs or activities (entrance goes through the program floor!).
  • People who abuse the points above may no longer be provided access.
  • Jim Thorpe, PA buildings are old, close together and few even have ramps, our place is actually unusual in that fashion. Few buildings even have a driveway!