Our Center

The Native Reservation at 531 North Street

About Lenape-Susquehannock (“Native Reservation”) in Jim Thorpe

The Core of a Distant Dream. When you enter 531 North Street in Jim Thorpe, PA – you are now in the newest “Micro-Nation” in America – this is Lenape land! This site intends to be the seed – the beginning of a 30 Year Project to bring a federally-recognized, viable community of Lenape/Delaware Indians back to their ancestral lands.

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Get Involved in this Great Cause – we are laying the ground work to establish 100-200+ federally recognized Lenape/Delaware Indians  – a viable community – on land that is purchased on their behalf, the building of the necessary houses and tribal buildings for a  community, building out an archeological/cultural presence to resurrect what has been lost from the Eastern Woodland Indian culture. Creating a museum via requesting pieces from private and public collections, participating and learning what from modern archeology knows of their past, becoming involved in caretaking of several of their ancient sites, trading routes, their great trail/path network, hunting/fishing/farming, perhaps rekindling their relationships with the Iroquois and other eastern tribes, the making of tools, the language and customs, longhouses, food storage and preservation, weapons, baskets, artefacts, clothes, etc. We would like them to encourage internships, where members of the 4 Lenape/Delaware reservations can send their young to learn the ancient skills and ways. Not for us, but for themselves.

If the dream is successful, we intend to eventually pass 531 North Street as well as its businesses to this new community as a tribal asset. After we are gone, it would likely be put in a trust for the Lenape/Delaware Indians.

These businesses currently operate out of 531 North Street. Patronize these businesses and help us to grow them, which will involve/benefit the new tribal community!

MountainManJourneys.com – Private Group Trips – Ice Age, History, Science, Cultural, Mysterious, Native American, and other Journeys.

Native-Wellness.com  INSOMNIA…  PAIN…   ANTIAGING…   FATIGUE…  FOCUS…  WEIGHT LOSS…  ETC.  Powered by 10,000+ Research Studies.  When your Doctor Can’t Help, Try Us!

PKarate.comThe Pocahontas Karate school, Summer Day Camp, Kids’ Birthday Parties, and Afterschool Program for Carbon County, PA and beyond.

The Undersea Gift Shop – the oddest shop in Jim Thorpe!