Pocahontas Karate School

Pocahontas Karate School

We offer a karate school, after school program, birthday parties and summer camp.

Pocahontas Karate

Pocahontas Karate provides instruction for children starting age 6. We offer the most unique Martial Arts program anywhere. Please also see Karate FAQs for more information.

  • The foundation is karate.  As the student advances up the ranks, basic elements of other disciplines are added to make the student more well rounded.
  • Unlike other schools, we also add some Tai Chi, Qigong and Yoga. American kids are often unfocused. Many Asian children have a powerful, disciplined mind. It is better than being on meds! Breathing and balance are also critical.
  • Martial Arts are an ancient ART form. We do NOT forget that here.  This isn’t the Cobra Kai.
  • Other schools advertise SELF-confidence, SELF-control and SELF-esteem as a hook.  But your kid has to work with OTHERS.  The GROUP.  They need social skills also! Self centered people don’t get far in life and struggle with social contacts. We call it a Centered Self.
  • Optimal stretching, and conditioning/strength of kicking, punching and blocking for flexibility, coordination, focus, physical health and mental endurance.  (Buzz words we need to mention…)
  • Those registered in the Black Belt program can progress through the belts from White to Advanced Black Belts.