Birthday Party Inquiry

Birthday Party Inquiry

Having a birthday party here at the “Native Reservation” is a piece of cake! You bring the cake, food and party supplies, we provide tables, chairs and a karate/yoga theme activity! We give a gift to the birthday child and provide discount karate cards to all the attendees. we also do cleanup.

(Note we do not “prepare” food). IDEA: Some local stores provide party platters or can cater your party! We are dedicated to your family and guests. See Birthday Party FAQs for more details!

We offer a karate school, after school program, birthday parties and summer day camp! Pocahontas Karate is Carbon County’s premiere Children’s Karate Program. Our classes are designed with children (age 6 and up) in mind: providing a dynamic and active learning environment. These classes focus on developing coordination, self-control, balance, flexibility, strength, stamina, and discipline in a safe, enjoyable, and supportive atmosphere. This unique program of fitness, fun, and self-development will teach your child the key traits necessary to succeed in life. Advancement in belt levels occurs through effort and attendance, though it is not our main focus. Our objective is to build strong youngsters both physically and mentally, building an “attitude of success” with every child.

Birthday parties