Birthday Party FAQs

Birthday Party FAQs

Please see Birthday Parties for more details!

What types of birthday parties do you offer?  

We offer either Karate or Native Themed birthday parties. We provide an activity for the kids using that theme!

What is an easy way to get food?

Locally, platters and catering from some of the grocers, supermarkets, restaurants or fast food places. For example, try searching on “catering”. Or perhaps Dominoes or others for Pizza or subs…

What is an easy way to get party supplies?

LOCALLY — Dollar Tree, WalMart, Redners and Dollar General have aisles with party supplies, disposable cups/plates/utensils, cards, gifts and perhaps even balloons!

ONLINE — Places like:  OR

For example, they even have complete kits or package or sets that have almost everything you need for perhaps 20 people. Take your time and research this. Just make sure to get enough for the people you are inviting!

What about a decorated cake? Ice Cream?

Giant, WalMart, Redners and some grocers can handle your needs!

How much does a party cost?

This depends on how long, how many attendees, etc.  Every one who comes, kid or parent is considered an attendee and must be paid for. We can discuss your plans.

Is there a deposit required to make a birthday reservation?

Yes – 50% down to hold a time spot. It is not refundable once scheduled. It is often possible to reschedule.

Is there an age limit on having a party?

Attendees can be adults or children, although at least two adults for a children’s party must attend.

Does my deposit go toward the total bill?

Yes – 50% deposit and the other 50% BEFORE the Party begins. We do not accept checks.

What is your cancellation policy?

Understand that once you book a time slot, we are committing to that time. The deposit is nonrefundable. It is often possible to reschedule.

How far in advance can I book my reservation?

There really is no limit, but a time can only be held with a nonrefundable 50% deposit (no checks accepted).

What happens if my guest count changes?

Once we set a date and expected attendees, the price cannot go down. If you have additional attendees, there is an additional fee per.  If they just show up at the party and you don’t tell us, the party will not start UNTIL they are paid for. There are still people who like to take advantage of others, unfortunately.

How do I change the time and/or date of the party?

If we have an opening, we can discuss it, but the deposit is nonrefundable. We have limited times and days we can do this, so it also depends on our availability. And we only allow ONE change. Once we are 4 or fewer weeks away, it is likely the date/time cannot be changed.

What if I have more than one child celebrating a birthday?

We go by total attendees. Whether 1 2 or 3 children, doesn’t matter to us.

Do you sell cakes?

We are primarily a karate school, so no.

Can you write the child’s name on the cakes?


Do you sell ice cream?

We are primarily a karate school, so no.

Do you provide food?

No. We sometimes have a VERY limited selection of edibles in the gift shop.

What does the party experience look like?

Happy kids, a birthday party, a native American or karate activity, fun, etc

What if I want to stay longer than two hours?

You would have to discuss that with us during the planning for your party

What items can I bring to a party?

You need to bring a cake, ice cream, party favors, napkins, gifts, table decorations, etc.  We will provide the tables, chairs and activity (karate or yoga theme).

What items am I not allowed to bring to a party? 

No animals are allowed, no loud music or loud guest musicians/DJs (people live in the building above) no one who is not an attendee (invited kids and their parents), no weapons or anything that is inappropriate around children or our facility.

What does your setup/What do you include?

We provide tables and chairs only, along with the karate/yoga activity.