Afterschool Program FAQs

Afterschool Program FAQs

Please see Afterschool Program for more details!

Do you pickup/drop-off kids?

No. You (and your kids) are solely responsible for your kids to enter and depart and remain at your class/program/event, on time.

When is Afterschool Program available?

This is a new program. Once we have at least 9 interested/registered children, we will be available 5 school days a week from about 2:30-5:30 during the school year. If enough kids are available, we might offer this during part of the summer as well.  We have Summer Day Camp and Karate Classes as well.

Who is Eligible?

Children from 6 to 17.

Can Parents come in?

Only currently-registered students are allowed on the main floor during the Afterschool Program time. Parents/Guardians are only allowed to come in to drop off/pickup. Other visitors are not allowed. No one is allowed to “watch” the kids’ activities. Occasionally there may be a special event

Are you a childcare or daycare?

In the State of PA, we are a karate school.  We are not supported, we do not babysit, provide childcare or daycare. Our students are regulars only, we do not offer dropoff for a day or two.

Do you offer help with homework?

Not at this time.

What do students do during their time there?

  • As a karate school, kids may take part in karate, yoga and perhaps other classes. There is a separate karate belt program for a small fee, for students who want to take it more seriously
  • Some students will be tired, so we have rest areas.
  • We have a homework area.
  • We intend to do occasional arts & crafts.
  • Paid snack service is available, as many students are hungry after school. We will discuss this with you when you sign up.
  • We will have some games & activities, including tournaments.

What do you Offer?

Instead of your kids being home alone or in front of the TV, Pocahontas Karate Afterschool Program offers a fun, safe place to hang, learn, and make friends with other kids

How much does it cost?

It is currently $17.90 daily for 3 hours, per kid 3-5 times a week. We also offer $12.95 for 2 hours, 3-5 times a week. For kids coming 1-2 times a week, this must be arranged in advance, on an as-available only (some days are more popular than others) It is an extra $3.95 a day. We bill on a monthly cycle. Snacks are an optional program.

Who monitors/teaches?

“Pocahontas” and “Master Ross” are the owners and instructors (karate and other things).  We have NO employees for you to worry about.

How do we enroll?

We do monthly billing. You can stop by during business hours, there is often someone at/near the front counter.  You can also call us at 570-732-8653 or use the PROGRAMS tab at the top of the page on and pick the program that interests you – there is a form at the bottom of the screen you can fill out.

Are the children supervised at all times?

Absolutely. Your child’s safety is very important to us!

What if we are away for a day/week – can we get a credit?

We bill on a monthly cycle, automatically. We do not credit for:

  • Your missed days such as if your child is sick or you travel.
  • Your school is closed during the school year such as for weather, events, holidays, disease, winter/spring/holiday breaks, power outages, emergencies, Teacher In-Service Day, etc.(our pricing tries to account for this fairly).
  • Your child arrives late or leaves early or cannot get transport to/from our place occasionally.
  • Your child participates/watches/travels for an afterschool/ extracurricular activity/ sport/club/event/ prom or similar.

NOTES: Parents/Guardian are COMPLETELY responsible for checking with their school’s calendar and ensuring their child shows up or not to the Afterschool Program or not. We do not attempt to “sync” with school calendar or emergency events. We simply note holidays and heavy snow events. You should check our schedule during normal school closures