After School Program

After School Program

NOTE – WE WILL START THIS NEW PROGRAM ONCE WE HAVE 9 INTERESTED WEEKLY STUDENTS. IF INTERESTED, PLEASE FILL OUT THE SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT FORM BELOW. The Afterschool Program at Pocahontas Karate runs 5 days a week after school, from about 2:30-5:30pm. It is for children from 6-17 in Carbon County, PA. Our staff seek to immerse children in a safe, loving, fun, and meaningful environment. Please see Afterschool Program FAQs for more details!

Elements of the program throughout the week may include: karate, yoga, tai chi, games, an art or craft (there may be a craft/kit fee), after-school rest, a place to do their homework, a snack (extra fee), etc. Note homework help is not offered OR included.


Please note that we are a private karate school, and are not considered daycare, baby sitting or childcare in the state of PA. We do not offer occasional or one day “drop off your kid” service. Our students are long-term only, on a monthly tuition (or weekly summer day camp) model. There are other details we cannot cover in this brief. Please refer to Afterschool Program FAQs for some more details.

Pocahontas Karate is Carbon County’s premiere Children’s Karate Program. Our classes provide a dynamic and active learning environment. These classes focus on developing coordination, self-control, balance, flexibility, strength, stamina, and discipline in a safe, enjoyable, and supportive atmosphere. This unique program of fitness, fun, and self-development will teach your child the key traits necessary to succeed in life. Advancement in belt levels occurs through effort ability and attendance, though it is not our main focus. Our objective is to build strong youngsters both physically and mentally, building an “attitude of success” with every child.