About Pocahontas Karate

About Pocahontas Karate


We believe kids have so much potential. We teach martial arts and related disciplines to children in a gentle, supportive environment. An afterschool program us a rare asset in the Jim Thorpe area. Summer Day Camp offers a chance for kids to continue and grow when school lets out. Our programs are designed to have fun, make friends, learn new abilities, and to become knowledgeable in some life lessons.


Our karate, afterschool and summer day camp programs are held at 531 North Street, Jim Thorpe PA.  Inside is the visually stunning “Native Reservation” – the center and beginning of a 30 year effort to return a community of federally-recognized Delaware/Lenape Indians to their ancestral homelands in Pennsylvania (https://bringlenapeindianshometopa.com/)

Gemma “Pocahantas”


Our vision is to build a community where people feel loved, valued, and inspired to work together so all prosper. We use martial arts, tai chi, yoga, arts & crafts and other modalities so our students expand their vision, reach their potential, learn to work and bond with others, excel in school and life. Most karate schools wave advertising buzzwords to get your monthly payment. Our FIRST focus is developing the mind. Excelling at real martial arts is a MENTAL more than a PHYSICAL discipline. Focus, balance, longer attention spans, self discipline, working with others listening, etc.



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